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adults -Bullying Prevention

Resources for Parents

The Library can provide resources on how to talk to your child about bullying, and how to deal with bullying situations in which your child is involved. Below is a list of titles you might find useful to read on your own, or with your child. Search our catalog for keyword bullying or cyberbullying for more, or ask a librarian for help.

E 302.3 Kravetz (2007) How to Deal with Bullies
A book that parents can read and talk about with their children.

Parenting 302.3 Rogers (2010) Cyberbullying: Activities to help children stay safe in a texting, twittering, social networking world

Parenting 371.58 Anthony (2010) Little Girls Can Be Mean: four steps to bullyproof girls in the early grades

Parenting 371.58 Kohut (2007) The complete guide to understanding, controlling, and stopping bullies and bullying. For teachers and parents

Parenting 641.15 Mayer (2008) Overcoming School Anxiety: how to help your child deal with separation, tests, homework, bullies, math phobia, & other worries

302.3 Ellis (2010) We Want You to Know: Kids Talk about Bullying
First person accounts of kids ages 10-18

302.34 Dellasega (2003) Girl Wars: 12 Strategies that will end female bullying

371.5 Fried (1996) Bullies and Victims: helping your child survive the
schoolyard battlefield


Picture Books & Easy Readers for
Young Kids (kindergarten through 3rd grade)

These titles do not necessarily give advice on how to deal with bullies, but it’s important for your child to see that he is not the only one who is bullied. Reading these books with your child can provide a good springboard for discussion

E Brown (2002) Willy the Wimp. Willy get sick of being bullied and decides to work out

E Carlson (2010) Henry and the Bully. When the bully starts stealing Henry’s soccer ball, he must come up with a solution

ER Cushman (1990) Camp Big Paw. The camp bully tries to ruin Field Day

ER Depaola (2003) Trouble in the Barkers’ Class. The new girl in class is a bully

Easy Emberley (2007) Bye-bye, Big Bad Bullybug! He loves to pick on itty bitty bugs, but they get the last laugh

E Kroll (2006) Jungle Bullies. Even bullies can learn to share

E Lovell (2001) Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon. Molly puts a bully in his place

E Mayer (2003) Just a Bully. Little Critter and his sister encounter some bullies

E O’Neill (2002) The Recess Queen. A bully is disarmed by an offer of friendship

Easy Penn (2008) Chester Raccoon and the Big Bad Bully. Chester Raccoon deals with a bully at school

Easy York (2010) Matthew and the Bullies. Matthew dreads school due to bullies, but works with his mom to make things right


Self-Help for Kids (grades 3 through 8)

These are books that kids can read on their own for advice, and learn how other kids have handled tough situations.

J 302.3 American (2009) Stand Up For Yourself and Your Friends: dealing with bullies and bossiness, and finding a better way

J 305.23 Burton (2009) Girls Against Girls: why we are mean to each other and how we can change.

155.4 Humphrey (2007) Hot Issues, Cool Choices: facing bullies, peer pressure, popularity and put-downs

J 158.083 Kau (1999) Stick Up For Yourself: every kid’s guide to personal power and positive self-esteem


Fiction About Bullies (grades 3 through 8)

Through fiction, your child can read about and empathize with someone in a similar situation. These books are a good springboard for discussion with your child.

EJ Applegate (2008) Never Swipe a Bully’s Bear Roscoe suspects the class bully has stolen his stuffed pig

EJ Clements (2001) Jake Drake Bully Buster. Fourth-grader Jake deals with bullies

EJ Duffy (1994) How to be Cool in the Third Grade. Third-grader Robbie decides he can stop being a bully target by being cool

EJ Manushkin (2010) No More Teasing. Katie Woo finds a way to stop a bully

EJ Pfeffer (1995) Sara Kate Saves the World. Sara Kate uses her super powers to stop a bully

EJ Sfar (2003) Little Vampire Does Kung Fu! Little Vampire isn’t about to stand around and watch his friend get bullied

EJ Naylor (2006) Roxie and the Hooligans. Roxie finds a way to stand up to school bullies on a deserted island

JFIC American Chrissa (2009) Chrissa Stands Strong. Fourth grader Chrissa must deal with bullies at her new school

JFIC Moss (1998) Amelia Takes Command. Amelia’s journal of her challenges in 5th grade, including a bully who won’t leave her alone

JFIC Davis (1986) The Magic Book. Alex and his friends try a bully spell from a book of spells


DVDs about Bullying

These DVDs can help you and your children deal with bullying. Kids can learn coping behaviors from watching how others handle bullying situations.

DVD 004.69 GRO (2008) Growing Up Online. This PBS Frontline special investigates the risks, realities and misperceptions of teenage self-expression on the Web.

Parenting DVD 302.3 (2006) Stop Bullying Now! Take a Stand. Lend a
Hand. Animated webisodes for kids, public service announcements, and video workshops to help parents and teachers prevent bullying.

Parenting DVD 302.3 (2004) Bullies are a pain in the brain
Trevor Romain presents tips for becoming bully-proof using stories and songs (age 6+)

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